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Holy mother of updates, Batman, I return from the depths!

Just wanted to drop y'all a line and let you know I've moved shop. If you're interested in following my art, please head on over to:…

Now for a little explanation as to where the hell I've been!

I graduated college about four years ago. I lost my passion for a while, I'm not going to lie. College really beat the living shit out of me, as did making the transition from school to a full time job. But I did it, and to those out there still struggling: keep at it. You'll totally get there.

After about two years of doing absolutely nothing artistically due to exhaustion, I finally stepped back into the ring drawing birthday cards for people around the office where I work. I currently work for a stationery company. Honestly, I kind of love it, even if office politics sometimes get me down. But, they're allowing me to continue making art every so often. You'll see a lot of my designs posted to my new gallery, as well as fanart, and now, even some personal projects. Recovery is a long, long road, but I'm finally out the other side.

Full disclosure: I've come out as transgender, queer, and also as a furry (big shock to most of you, I know). Because my identity has changed so much, I've decided that soon, I will be closing this account entirely. I will be archiving the art here, so if there's a piece you really want me to keep live, let me know so I can properly archive it in the new location. Otherwise, it will be locked away in a hard drive somewhere.

I'm not ashamed of my art- in fact, I'm rather happy to have a collection that demonstrates my growth through my teenage years. I have all of you to thank for that growth. Thank you all for being my followers! It still means a lot to me, and your support and encouragement helped make me the artist -and person- I am today. Honestly, the only reason I am closing up shop here is to help with my gender dysphoria. I now prefer male pronouns, after all!

Other life updates: I am about to get married to the love of my life, have a lovely little studio to work from, and have a multitude of personal projects I'm chipping away at, including a dragon-themed coloring book, and a comic I'm writing. You might recognize the characters! Pinto and Annie are slowly getting their own story. Someday, I will hopefully be able to make that comic. I post concept art and noodlings for it from time to time if you're interested in keeping tabs!

And that's about it. Thank you all so much for your comments, favs, support, and love over the past few years. I hope some of you will follow me to the new page so we can reconnect- I've really missed interacting with you all. Once again, the new link is:…

If not, I wish you all nothing but the best. <3
Hey guys! Long time no speak!

Just popping by to say hello and thank you to all my recent watchers! I know it's been kind of dead on this account, but I assure you I'm still drawing, sculpting, and 3D-modeling away. I've finally decided to start up an art-only Tumblr account, so if you don't like waiting for me to get up off my butt and update DA, feel free to join me over here on Megan Draws. It's a bit bare at the moment, but I'm working steadily to change that. :)

Also, for those of you that would like to contribute to filling said blog, I'm currently offering commissions! I am trying to raise funds to attend CTN Expo, a large animation convention in California, with a group of my peers from school. It's shaping up to be quite the networking opportunity, and with only a couple months left in school it'd be great to bump elbows with so many talented people, and possibly future colleagues! Even if I can't raise enough, however, I have a bit of important equipment that could use some replacing and repair, plus food is always good, too.

My commission info is here! You can contact me via Tumblr, Deviantart, or via email- whatever strikes your fancy~

I will still be uploading any large finished works that manage to spring up on this account for those of you who are uncomfortable with Tumblr, so feel free to stick around! Hopefully school will allow for a couple nice pieces to come to completion. In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a great kick-off to the holiday season, starting with a safe but kick-ass Halloween! <3
Well, I was going to hold off posting a journal here 'til winter break, but it appears I have been gifted a subscription by an anonymous donor! I don't know who you are, but thank you very, very much, Anon! That was such a nice surprise to find floating about in my inbox :heart: :heart: :heart:~

Actually, I don't have a lot to say outside expressing gratitude, except that yes, I'm still alive. It is finals week here and I am one very, very tired Stalked. Construction workers have basically made themselves at home in our apartment complex for the past two months or so and they seem to be completely unaware that 2 AM is not a suitable time to fire up the mortar drills and talk loudly amongst themselves. The noise will start and stop through the night and well into the morning, keeping us from getting much deep sleep, so despite the fact I've been sleeping in a rather shameful amount I've been getting very little actual rest. Between this and getting burnt out on drawing on class work, I've had very little motivation and energy to create personal art worth looking at.

Can't wait to visit my dad and get some actual sleep in. I am shamelessly looking forward to a low-stress, pleasant holiday season and hope that every single one of you are gearing up to have an excellent round of them yourselves!

That being said, it is now 1:30 AM. The workers have lowered their voices and have stopped throwing two-by-fours around so I am going to sneak off to bed before they get obnoxious again. I will definitely try and have some new arts and a legit journal up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, have some very happy holidays, and thank you again, Anon! <3
I don't normally post journals for small things like this but Jesus Christ I think I just had a heart-attack

So Pinto and I have this new apartment. It is beautiful and extremely cheap and I couldn't love it more. And as I was laying propped against a bean-bag chair on the floor, enjoying my brief window of meme-reading and video-watching and other general internet fun before bed, I heard this strange popping sound from behind me. Since we live in a state which goes from horribly hot to hideously cold on a daily basis at certain points in the year, making the wood in houses pop rather loudly at random intervals, I was not concerned. I kept watching my video, enjoying the trippy dancing cows, until I heard yet another, louder pop. I looked up almost nonchalantly to see the cat sitting bolt upright, eyes completely dilated and staring over my shoulder. It made me worried.

That was when I turned to see that Pinto's ipod player had burst into flames.

I yelled, grabbed the device, tore the ipod from its socket, and threw the radio at the brick firewall. Shortly afterward it stopped combusting, and then started producing this massive cloud of smoke.

Smoke began to fill the room. I called for Pinto and warned her that the fire alarm was about to go off as the smoke filled the room. It never did. She also never woke up. In the end, thankfully, nothing but the player was burnt.

I just got done airing out the apartment. I am terrified to go to bed. Again. I think this is also a good time to mention that in the span of two weeks, we've had the fire alarm mysteriously go off, the sink *literally* explode, and have been hearing the toilet start hissing at random intervals. All at 12am or later. The cat *refuses* to go into the bathroom unless I am in there, and even then she always scans the ceiling and sniffs everything as if she's expecting a wallmaster to carry her back to the beginning of the dungeon at any time.

I really love this apartment but I'm starting to think it might be haunted or cursed .__.

UPDATE: Lol I lied, Pinto's ipod is totally fried. Oh this will be pleasant to explain. lD;
Hey guys!

I'm about... half an hour out from hitting the road and helping dad move across the country. Not expecting the trip itself to be very long but I'm also planning on visiting some folks while I'm up in Indiana. Hoping to be back with a little time to spare, because if everything goes well I should totally have a new, idiot-free apartment to move into when I get back!

I'll definitely have some sketchdump stuff to upload when I get back- I've been meaning to put one together for a while now but I got caught up in family/friend obligations, finding a new place to live, and end-of-the-quarter finals, among other things. I may or may not have a handful of other things to show depending on how bored I am and how rough the road is!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summers! Anyone doing anything exciting with their breaks? :>
So I'm sitting here in the terminal on my way to what is likely going to be a pretty excellent adventure. Heading off to Florida for Megacon for the weekend, about which I'm very excited. Not only have I never been to a con before, I'm ecstatic about meeting some friends I'd been hoping to see for the longest time.

And if in the somewhat-unlikely event anyone here is going to Megacon, have fun, might even see you there!

Also I'm solidifying plans for Phoenix's Comic Con as well with Pinto at the moment, so definitely drop me a line if you'll be heading down there. We've got plenty of time to wrangle up a posse yet~!

As for the rest of life, it's going pretty swell. After a long lapse, the family's starting to band together a little more, though the stable life isn't going as well. Our new manager came in recently and initiated some changes that are kind of causing some unrest, whether for better or worse has yet to be determined. I'm not too happy about him giving my favorite kitty the death sentence (she's very old, and was living in the bunk house after some guy dumped her off on us, unwilling to take care of her while his daughter went to college, but there's no more cats allowed in the bunkhouse so I had to plea to spare her dignity instead of just letting her be eaten by the coyotes... which I hope they honor as I'm away). Despite this, my horse is doing well, all the old stablefolk are still hanging out with one another, and I'm still having a fair bit of fun showing folks around the park. There's really no point in bellyaching about the changes, or the inevitable, so I'm just taking this time to enjoy whatever moments I have left as a wrangler.

School is going very well though, and I'm looking forward to seeing all my buds when we let back in after break!

Expect, hopefully, at least one or two pieces for your inboxes fairly soon, because I don't expect apartment or job hunting to go very well. Sorry for the sporadic inactivity- if I haven't been busy out of my mind, I've been slacking off to make up for it. lD;

FINALLY back home after our flight home was cancelled due to bad weather that grounded the planes in another state. THREE DAYS LATER we finally touched down in desert country, and I am so frickin' happy to be back.

To be sure, we had fun, but unfortunately my fear of missing Hell Week came true. No doubt there will be a pretty severe deduction in what is honestly the only time of year we get paid in checks. Also I took a pay cut on this cat sitting deal because I missed half the week. Thank goodness I'm halving it with the ever-vigilant Pinto, or I'd be soooooo pissed. lD;

My spring break plans aren't in jeapordy too much but saving up isn't off to a good start, especially with ticket prices climbing. I probably should have bought them ages ago but we haven't been able to agree on a date and time to depart and I wouldn't have been able to afford two tickets anyway. Oh well. There's still time to make this happen, I'm hoping I get at least one day where the panic and pissy dies down enough to talk about it.

Sorry for having nothing to show for the three extra days I was grounded in Indy, but I really wasn't in the mood. I do have a small character sketch thingie I almossssst had done on the plane before my computer died but I've just been informed that we have a 5am barn call. I am praying this rain lets up because waterproof jackets, WHAT ARE THOSE. 8D; Anyway I plan on putting the final touches on this sketchy thing and uploading it when I get the chance, but expect a sudden dissappearance until Monday or so for those who are used to chatting. >>;

Hope everyone has a lovely New Year's Eve! Any exciting resolutions or is everyone just ready to get on to the next year? XD

Also now I can quit pestering all of you from cold country about what snow is like because I got damn near a whole week to tromp around in it. It is gorgeous. Until it melts! :V
Heading off to Indiana in a few hours. GOD I are excite. Though it's been an extremely warm winter here in desert country, it's been practically blizzarding in Indiana on and off for a few weeks now according to some of my obscure relatives. My dad hinted his sweetheart is out buying sleds. If you don't hear from me in about a week I probably broke my neck sliding down the biggest hill I could find.

Don't worry, that would be a very happy death. 8D

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, full of cheer and all that other sappy crap. :heart:

Seems like every single year, Halloween becomes more and more like Christmas! Between the Hayrides, which had an absolutely staggering turnout, and our off-site holiday shenanigans, Halloween was a blast and definately much more fun than I remember it being. Five-Finger Death Punch made an appearance at the state fair so Pinto and I went to see them and the rodeo nearby, then paid a visit to Fear Farm, one of the local fright fairs that I've been too much of a pansy to attend in past years. We had a fantastic time running around the different attractions, later musing about how funny it was that we didn't get actually scared until they forcibly separated us in the corn maze. Too much time spent with horses. BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HERD.

Though they actually managed to make me balk when one of the actors drew up behind Pinto and fired up a tazer-like cattle prod (I'm terrified of electricity). She was unfazed but I made the mistake of "eep"ing aloud, so he cut me off from the pack and held me hostage in the middle of the road for five minutes or so. lD; But thus ends the epic holiday. I hope everyone had a similarily spooky and fantastic time- judging by some of the costume pictures I've seen, it looks like you did! C:

I have no idea what the next month or two holds. Right now I'm currently facing midterms for second quarter, which has been painfully boring but has allowed me ample time to hang out with friends and family. I'll be glad to have my new schedule in December, though, because although these classes have kept me arting, I haven't had much of a chance to be creative. Lots of tracing templates and technical drawing/painting. I've turned to almost obsessive doodling to make up for it, but most of what I've been drawing has been more visual development than character development. Figure drawing gave me a whole new perspective on how the human form moves, works, and looks, so I've been having fun figuring out how to apply it and warp it to fit my guys. It just makes for a pretty boring sketchbook. XD

But despite the fact school might be a little boring at the moment, the holidays and the year thereafter are shaping up to be quite exciting and full of travel. First on the list is Indiana for Christmas with the rest of my mother's side of the family, and perhaps a white Christmas. If it doesn't snow enough to play in I will be very sad. But even if it doesn't, Pinto and I will be trying our chances in warm n' sunny Florida in March for Megacon. Though the trip is more to see some of the fantastic and talented folks down in gator country, the convention sounds like a good time and we're pretty excited to go. But first, Thanksgiving ride and Hell Week! I'm actually feelin' pretty good about both- Cholla has finally gotten past his bastard stage and I'm starting to be proud to be his rider. And working in the canyon won't be so bad, especially with such a great wrangling and cooking team. We're all enjoying the lack of drama- ranch life is definitely bliss right now.

Anyways, have a good November, everyone. FINALLY cool enough outside to enjoy it! XD
Wow, I’ve been absolutely horrible about updating this corner of the world. To tell the truth, I’ve been drawing a lot lately, but most of my non-school work that is finished is related to Outainsid so I haven’t been too keen on posting. Lately I’ve become very self-conscious of the ruts I tend to drop into and I like to think I can control at least a small part of my bad habits. However, a main plotline is finally being drawn and written. I recently came into possession of a small notebook that I’m using for ideas, and the prologue plus some of “chapter one” has been written and drawn. I consider the pages in the book a test run for when I go back to do the real thing, and it’s being super-helpful in seeing where I actually want to take the story. Although I was supposed to let it hang in the grey matter for a long while yet, seeing some previews from Rango inspired me. It’s in a way-different vein of the Old West I want to divulge into from what I’ve seen, but it looks like it might have a similar (if in an abstracted way) city-folk-turned-western theme.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, go do it, it’s good for some “ooooh”s if you’re into that sort of thing:…

As far as school goes, I’m wrapping up my first quarter with gusto. Despite some of the assignments being slightly difficult to execute, I haven’t run into problems thinking up ideas to exploit. Frustration with classes is at a minimum which is fantastic after being so fed up with my last school. Unfortunately, things aren’t as great back at the dorm between having major issues with one roommate and being all but completely shunned by the other two. UPDATE: Yeeeeah, I'm apparently exiled because I clean too much: apparently " the bathroom only has to be cleaned once a month". Anyone else as disturbed by that as I am? :I

Update: the Cage workers found my backpack! It got tucked into a nook of the studio and forgotten. Thank goodness! :>

A lot more has happened but I’ve TL;DR-ed you enough for one night. Thanks for being patient. <3

Thanks to all who showed up, especially for your patience with my screwy chat box. C: <3

Today's Subject:  Dragon Inks
Internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing to discover randomly in your apartment, and after three solid weeks of hunting for a way to access it, my fantastic roommate discovered the secret: turn your computer to the 2 o'clock position on the counter in the bathroom. It's a weird place to have access and it's the only room in the house so far that has it, but hey, I'm not complaining, thank god it's on my side of the house! XD

However, due to our neighbor's insistance that we should definately be picking up their signal from the whopping ten feet away we are from their router, I've dubbed the apartment The Burmuda Triangle.

In other news, we are halfway through our first quarter of freshman year and it's been a blast. In addition to the activities the school and the housing department hosts every now and then, the classes in and of themselves have been interesting and engaging, so I've been having fun putting in the crazy amount of hours college requires. Actually, the material isn't all that difficult yet and I'm amazed anyone in their first quarter stressed over midterms. So yay for that. o/

A lot of the things I've been doing art-wise have been either homework related or doodles, so you can at least expect to see some musings and concept work popping up in your inboxes fairly soon. Hopefully they'll progress into something a little more interesting. I hate to be so boring but it happens sometimes so oh well. That trend has to end eventually. XD

Anyways, there's the monthly TL;DR, hope everyone is doing well and that the transition back into busy season is going as smooth as possible! <3
So yesterday I started moving into my new place. 8D

It's really lovely here. The apartment we got stuck with is kinda old and bruised in places but I couldn't love it more. The grounds are terrific and we have two pools, along with the standard ammenities like a fitness room and all that good stuff. The only bad thing about living here so far is that every damn internet connection is secure except for the cafe just down the way. It's actually not that big a deal to walk here except freshman get stuck on the top floor- especially all the girls, for some reason- so the climb back up is a pain in the ass. But whatever, it's free interwebs, I'm not complaining. xD

But yes. Classes are just around the corner. I got lucky and got Mondays as my days off (so far), so I don't actually start until next Tuesday. The bad thing is, my heavy day is the day before work. :I Oh well. I'm super-excited to be here finally, and even more so that I was able to find the area I wanted to train for right in my backyard.

Sorry I've been kinda dead during the summer. It's been an uninspired sort of month or two, and I've been working whenever I can to make a few extra bucks for food and all that jazz. As soon as I can get my scanner over here though, I should be able to finish the kiriban and a handful of other things I've committed to. The great thing about this place is that it's full of energy, and inspiration is damn near everywheeeere. It's not a boring sort of sitting around, it's running around and then not wanting to stop when you get home kinda deal.

Aggsahdtfhsathd this is every bit as amazing as I imagined it to be. Even with the potential pitfalls, this is shaping up to be all levels of awesome. Just being able to choose my own breakfast cereal is the best thing ever. xD

Hope everyone is having a nice summer so far! <3
I have a kitty curled under my arm. She is making it hard to type but she's so cuddly and purring so loudly I don't have the heart to kick her off the couch. :I

Anyways, here's a heads-up that kiriban is about 50 pageviews away, for those who might have forgotten but still want it. I'll be gone the rest of today so if you do manage to catch it while I'm away please don't hurt me for not getting back to you right away. :>


Alrighty, I'm off to take a quick math test, followed by a night ride with dad at the stable and then Toy Story 3 showing at midnight with him and Pinto. WHEEEEE~ IT'S ABOUT TIME THIS MOVIE CAME OUT, JEEZ. 8D
Lolololol I totally am rocking out to this song right now and it sorta fits~ Queen's Hammer to Fall. xD…

Last Thursday was my last day of high school and my last day of not having to worry about what is probably going to rapidly become a perfect storm. Dad is planning on rocking the boat possibly to the point of completely capsizing and is already starting in on his master plan, so needless to say, if everything goes according to plan life will be quite different around the house. But it's all cool, people have been through worse~

The good news is that I've had several job tip-offs since last week and am also planning on applying, late as I may be, to the Art Institute of Phoenix in hopes I can do something worthwhile and fun with what I've got. My other option is to turn tail and flee to the local state university to become a teacher, which, while I feel I'm good at teaching, and good with kids, it's not exactly something I see myself doing the rest of my life. But we'll see how it goes. At this point it does no good to wrap your mind around one single career because there really is no telling what kinds of curve balls the universe will throw at you.

But yeah. Life is good at the moment, so we're just kinda hanging onto that feeling as long as we can. :> Luis caught me a new lizard out in the haystack the other day, he's a banded gecko and looks exactly like a mini leopard gecko, which is what Illie was. I have mixed emotions about keeping a wild animal like this but I figure it can't be all bad- he's got reliable food, reliable water, and I rebuild the habitat every so often to give him new places to explore. I wasn't planning on getting a new lizard anytime soon but Speedy Louie just kind of happened. lD; Oh well. At least he's teeny enough to smuggle in anywhere. XD

Still haven't ridden Cholla due to timing issues with our farrier, but I've been working with him to get a feel for his personality under work conditions and he's hilarious. And he learns quick! They've told me that as long as I'm persistent, calm, and don't show fear no matter what he does, he should be pretty responsive to my needs and boy were they right. What a sweetie, but he's totally a devil in disguise if you don't watch your back. But we'll work with him. He just needs a little guidance and lovin's, that's all any animal really needs.

Aaaaanyway, off to apply to them jobs and then work on something artsy, maybe finish a picture this week before I head off to Mexico. Kiriban still at 17000. :>
Urrrrrg, I need to stop drinking so much damn soda. It's making me sick and unable to go to bed but I can't help it if Dr. Pepper tastes so good and makes being at Metro that much less crappy. >>;

Aaaaaaanyway, I does have some good news! We arrived at the stable Saturday morning to find that the local park rangers finally donated some of their horses to us after their program was cut from funding. As sad an event as this is, we seemed happy to welcome these wayward ponies into the herd, because man are they some gorgeous, friendly horses. I know I was happy! I love new arrivals.

Kathy approached me in the kitchen as we dropped off our things to explain the situation involving the newbies and to inform me I'd be test-riding one of them, a lovely 23 year old bay gelding named Cholla, next Saturday after he got some new shoes. I happily agreed, as I love a good adventure~ I wasn't, however, expecting the next piece of the mission, should I choose to accept it. Later on after Cholla was moved into the saddle pen, Kathy approached me again. After having gotten along so well with my old horse Dakota, never having issues with the alleged skittish horse and loving him to death in the process, she figured I'd be a perfect match for this new guy, I suppose. Cholla is supposedly ten times worse off than my old guy in the freak department, so much so that he cannot be tied, nor can one approach him with a hat, jacket, or similar item. It kinda made me feel good to know that she noticed I got along well with the freaky ponies... and then she dropped a bombshell on me. A wonderful, absolutely fantastic bombshell. He's mine to adopt!

Though adopting him in the sense of a wrangler/horse relationship doesn't exactly include actual ownership of Cholla as the financial world would generally accept, it does mean he's mine to ride and work with, and she made it a point that I won't have to worry about him leaving, like Sammy had to, or like Dakota does on a yearly basis. Honestly, that's completely fine with me. What more could a gal ask for. The point is, I have a horse, and no terrible Life Beastie can frighten me now with the elation I feel in the face of this news. I still do plan on pursuing horse ownership with a different animal... but I didn't expect to feel this way for a long, looooong time yet. ARG it feels so good, guys, I can finally, FINALLY bond with an animal without having to worry about who's going to screw him up but me, or when he's gonna be leaving for our other stable branches.

I still haven't ridden him yet, but as nervous as I sometimes get in that "what if he doesn't like me" sort of way, I have high hopes. Everyone kept poking fun at him that he's a terrible little freakazoid spazz, but you know what, I couldn't care less. He's a nutcase, but he's MY nutcase now, and he's the most gorgeous thing in the world for that. ;A; <3

Anyway, that's my TL;DR " little five year old girl still in her pony stage" style rant, posted in the hopes that when I finally do gather my thoughts enough to show face in chats I don't freakin' talk y'all's ears off. lD;

Kiriban still set for 17k views. Halfway there, now. c:

Also, Cholla says hi. C:…
It is. :I

Getting tired of looking at that old journal. To spare you the TL;DR, here's life in somewhat general summary!

- Two weeks and finals until school is OVER. YESSSSS!;
- Brainstorming ideas for short stories. Not going well but blocks don't last forever;
- Few small art things in the wings (mainly character portraits and a silly meme), slowly getting back in the saddle~;
- Speaking of saddles, loss at the stable, but otherwise, peace on the ranch, which is great;
- Mexico in what. Three, four weeks? Awwwwwww yeaaaaaaah. CB

Oh yeah, and I'm setting the next kiriban for oh... 17000 hits, 'cause it's been a while since I've done one of them, so if you want it, there ya go! Happy stalking! :>
Looks like I'm going to be going into a sort of lurk-mode here soon, guys. Several things in life have come up that need addressing now before they become too big to handle. I'm really kicking myself for this, but I've gotta drop SC. Better to duck out now than to flake out later when it really counts, though I'm a bit upset that I have to do so. But I talked it over with dad after a particularly stressful evening, and he and I both agree that right now, scraping together the funds for college and transitioning into an independent lifestyle takes priority.

Someday I'll get my shit together, but today is not that day. >>;

Also, I won't be on much due to a huge CF of social events coming up this next week and throughout May/June. Updates to DA will likely be few and far-between.

... Arg.

Anyway, that is all. Sorry, guys. :c
Not going to write too depressing a journal about it, but since I quite frankly don't think I could take updating all those who've been following the whole drama with Illie Leezard being sick- she didn't make it. Thanks to everyone who's supported me through this, it's been very taxing on all directly involved, but it's all over now and she's probably a lot more comfortable wherever she is. Just... Gonna take a while to get used to sleeping without the red light glowing from the dresser.

But yeah. Even without that, lots on my mind right now. When I'm not working, I'm tired. When I'm not tired, I'm fidgety and unable to focus. It frustrates the hell out of me. Too many people want too many things. And I can't please everyone. And this in turn frustrates me more, because I like to see people happy. So I try harder. Yet when I try hard at something, I trip over myself at one point.  Ararara.

Not sure what's going on with the art side of my brain right now. I have a feeling it's been treed by the arararaing of the life side of my brain. 2010 has not been a good year.

But I'll get over it. I just... needed to rant a bit.

In happier news, there are new kittens at the stable now, who are all super-cute and likely going to be available for adoption once they're weaned. Arizona residents drop a line if interested and I'll keep you posted- I'll try to get pictures the next time I'm down there. :)

Also I am also irked at myself for continuing to forget to post this, but sovereigncity is going to be super-neat and is currently accepting auditions. And you totally still have another month left to audition!
I have been enthusiastically using magic since 2008!

Pinto is apparently both a werewolf and a vampire!

A vast majority of my friends now appear to be pop stars!

The Llama Song is DA's unofficial anthem!