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Holy mother of updates, Batman, I return from the depths!

Just wanted to drop y'all a line and let you know I've moved shop. If you're interested in following my art, please head on over to:…

Now for a little explanation as to where the hell I've been!

I graduated college about four years ago. I lost my passion for a while, I'm not going to lie. College really beat the living shit out of me, as did making the transition from school to a full time job. But I did it, and to those out there still struggling: keep at it. You'll totally get there.

After about two years of doing absolutely nothing artistically due to exhaustion, I finally stepped back into the ring drawing birthday cards for people around the office where I work. I currently work for a stationery company. Honestly, I kind of love it, even if office politics sometimes get me down. But, they're allowing me to continue making art every so often. You'll see a lot of my designs posted to my new gallery, as well as fanart, and now, even some personal projects. Recovery is a long, long road, but I'm finally out the other side.

Full disclosure: I've come out as transgender, queer, and also as a furry (big shock to most of you, I know). Because my identity has changed so much, I've decided that soon, I will be closing this account entirely. I will be archiving the art here, so if there's a piece you really want me to keep live, let me know so I can properly archive it in the new location. Otherwise, it will be locked away in a hard drive somewhere.

I'm not ashamed of my art- in fact, I'm rather happy to have a collection that demonstrates my growth through my teenage years. I have all of you to thank for that growth. Thank you all for being my followers! It still means a lot to me, and your support and encouragement helped make me the artist -and person- I am today. Honestly, the only reason I am closing up shop here is to help with my gender dysphoria. I now prefer male pronouns, after all!

Other life updates: I am about to get married to the love of my life, have a lovely little studio to work from, and have a multitude of personal projects I'm chipping away at, including a dragon-themed coloring book, and a comic I'm writing. You might recognize the characters! Pinto and Annie are slowly getting their own story. Someday, I will hopefully be able to make that comic. I post concept art and noodlings for it from time to time if you're interested in keeping tabs!

And that's about it. Thank you all so much for your comments, favs, support, and love over the past few years. I hope some of you will follow me to the new page so we can reconnect- I've really missed interacting with you all. Once again, the new link is:…

If not, I wish you all nothing but the best. <3
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Submitted on
September 6, 2016